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MOVe dance project Warmia and Masuria 17-24 July 2010


Within cooperation between Borussia Fundation and youths, at 17-24 July 2010 there will be taking place polish-german project on international meeting with dance art. The aim of this venture is to build dance documentation of cooperation of young people from Poland and Germany.

The group of young dancers is going to work for a week on intercultural programm, workshops in the field of modern dance as well as conception of final show that is going to be presented at Olsztyńskie Lato Artystyczne (Olsztyn's Artistic Summer)

The main german partner of the project is Dance Group TSC Waldkraiburg, Gruppe 'Poisovalis', with the instructor Corena Strecker- Beitzel. The main polish partner of this project is Contemporary Dance Group PRYZMAT (based in Olsztyn SDK Agora, ) with the instructor and choreographer Katarzyna Grabinska.

 Content of the project

  • Dance workshops carried on by polish and german choreographers in the field of MODERN JAZZ, CONTACT IMPROVISATION, CONTEMPORARY, FUNKY JAZZ, THEATRE Corena Strecker-Beitzel, Verena Klöpper, Jacek Owczarek, Katarzyna Grabińska (see descrition of instructors below)
  • Prepering the final dance show, that will be presented on the 23rd July 2010 at Olsztyńskie Lato Artystyczne (Olsztyn's Artistic Summer)
  • Group's projects in the city
  • "Contemporary dance evening" solo/duo/group's presentations of the project's participants- own performances, lecture about theory of dance, documental film on dance
  • Recreational programm - spending together spare time inspired by landscape of Olsztyn and souroudnings - which will result in intercultural cooperation, (optional trip: Jarmark Sztuki i Rękodzieła w Dobrym Mieście (23-25.07.10)
  • Region's evening- presentation of partners regions prepared by participants, promotion of MAZURY CUD NATURY, integration party
  • Documentation of the project in photography. Photography display will be presented in the city.

Moreover, project includes:

  • Participants outside Olsztyn- Accomodation (academic campus KORTOWO at Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn) campus is placed at Kortowskie lake in sourandings of woods and parks. At campus there are student houses, canteen, shops, bookshop, post office, sport filed, tennis courts, water sport center, beach, port hall, hourse center, discotheques)
  • Food
  • Insurance

 Requirements for participants:

  • Experience in dance techniques such as modern, jazz,contemporary (at least a year experience in this technique)
  • Experience in other dance techniques is most likely
  • Over 15 years old
  • English- at comunicational level

ode of practice


Corena Strecker-Beitzel- modern jazz  

(TSC WEIß-BLAU, Bawaria) Corena for numerous years now trains dance formations on a real high standard. Her groups have won several tournaments and carry titles like 'Best performance of Young Dancers in all Southern Germany'. Her cheographies show mostly elements of Jazz and Modern Dance with original though harmonic personal supplements. On top of that she incorporates the wisdom of professionally medical and inter-social experiences in all her work.

Verena Klöpper- jazz, funky jazz

Verena was herself a dancer at the renommated dancing school 'IWANSON' in Munich. Nowadays she gives classes there as well as in other cultural centers. Her style of teaching is a mixture of Classical Jazz, Funky Jazz and HipHop. She is a professional pedagogue of dance but sure not that serious and settled as you would think from a person with that much knowledge of the international dance market. Her choreographies are unifying in style and still refreshing.

Jacek Owczarek - contact improvisation

Choreographer, dancer, teacher. He graduted from University im.Adama Mickiewicza in Poznan, Poland.He is a teacher in Public Collage of Cultural Animators Education in Kalisz and Academy of Music in Lodz (faculty: choreography and dance techniques). He founded Academic Theatre of Dance at Academy of Music in Lodz. Dancer- actor in Nowy Theatre in Lodz. From 1996 he has been teaching dance and contact improvisation at workshops and courses for instructors. He got professional dancer diploma awarded by
Polish Scenes of Artists Union (ZASP). Creator of Dance Cinema Festival in Lodz. From 1994-2003 he danced in several ALTER Theatre of Dance shows. He created scenic movement and performed in many theatrical shows.

Katarzyna Grabińska- contemporary

Educated as MA in Economics at University of Economics in Cracow as well as graduted from the school ARTYSTYCZNA ALTERNATYWA in scene choreography in Cracow. She gained Dance experience at contemporary dance group PARADOX in Olsztyn, taking part in many dance conferences in Poland, as well as lessons at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds UK, and Ireland Theatre of Dance. Kasia took part in DARC 32 International Training Festival in France. In 2007, she founded Contemporary Dance Group, where she is instructor and choreographer.(more... In her dance work she is searching for new directions and fresheness of movement.   


Financial support: Polsko-Niemiecka Współpraca Młodzieży
Organisator:  Fundacja Borussia, ul. Kopernika 45, 10-513 Olsztyn, Poland
Isabelle Ette (in english and german), tel.+48-89-523 72 93
Partner: Contemporary Dance Group PRYZMAT SDK Agora SM Pojezierze w Olsztynie instructor: Katarzyna Grabinska tel.+48 -604-110-894 (in English and polish)
email: of project: